"Greek Summer Vacation 2004"
August 21-29, 2004
Athens 2004 Summer Olympics  -  Athens, Greece
Here are some pictures with my new friends & colleagues ...
Wm. Michael Reid with Kevin Burnham (red),
U.S. Olympic gold medal-winner for sailing.
Wm. Michael Reid shares a moment with
volunteer members of the Athens Olympics.
Athens' finest: The Greek Police
on patrol at Syntagma Square.
Wm. Michael Reid enjoys lunch
with the owner of Mykonos' Music Cafe.
Wm. Michael Reid shares a few drinks
with the owner of Mykonos' Katerina's.
Wm. Michael Reid relaxes on the beach
with one of Mykonos' "most beautiful people".
Panathinaiko Stadium:
Home of the first modern Olympics - 1896
Kendra & Daniel, left, of Los Angeles, are getting excited
as they're about to enter Olympic Stadium (O.A.K.A.)
to attend the Track & Field events .
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