"Greek Summer Vacation 2004"
August 21-29, 2004
Athens 2004 Summer Olympics  -  Athens, Greece
Here are some pictures from USA Basketball and island views ...
Team USA's Allen Iverson (left)
and Tim Duncan vs. Angola.
Halftime entertainment during
Game 1: Team USA vs. Angola
Flags hang from the rafters at
Elliniko Olympic Sports Complex.
As Team USA defeats Angola,
players & coaches display sportsmanship.
A beautiful, sun-drenched view
of downtown Mykonos Island.
Wm. Michael Reid takes a moment to pose
while hanging out in Little Venice.
Wm. Michael Reid stands tall while atop
the highest point on the island of Delos.
The ancient city of Delos: where twins'
Apollo & Artemis were born.
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