"Greek Summer Vacation 2004"
August 21-29, 2004
Athens 2004 Summer Olympics  -  Athens, Greece
Here are some pictures from the San Marco Hotel in Mykonos ...
Wm. Michael Reid hanging out
with staff members Vacelli and Elia.
Hmmm.  Just imagine awakening
each morning to this view ...
Wm. Michael Reid sharing a moment
with the owners Mr. & Mrs. Tsakanikas.
The hardest working man
in all of Mykonos: Mikalis.
Wm. Michael Reid chillin' with staff members
Elena, Elia, and Manes.
The best bartender in all of Mykonos.
Wm. Michael Reid sharing a
post-breakfast moment with staff members
from the hotel restaurant.
Wm. Michael Reid having a few
laughs with Mikalis.
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