Serina G..
R&B Singer/Songwriter

Serina Guirantes, a.k.a. Serina G., possess a great gift, the gift of song,
which awakens the soul of her listeners to participate in tis beauty long after the
final tone has faded away. Born and raised in the South Bronx, she has enjoyed
right from the beginning the support of a loving family in all her endeavors.
However, after her first discovery of her powerful voice in the fourth grade, she
has been most grateful for their encouragement through many years of singing
and performing both within the school community and outside. Her fine strength
of character and maturity enabled her to become a mainstay of her family after
her beloved father died in 1995, and it has sustained her in continuing with her
own life -- achieving excellence and spreading joy to everyone she knows as she
shares her magnificent gift. Today she enraptures audiences with her gorgeous
voice and radiating presence -- from R&B to jazz, from gospel to blues, she sets
the room "on fire," and we all feel that she has captured our elusive souls
brought them to life.

Serina is a multi-faceted person -- with many talents, skills and sensitivities. But
she is first and foremost a musician, and her life has taken focus from the time
she opened her mouth to sing "Oh, Holy Night" in the Christmas play in
elementary school. "Such a big voice for such a little person," and that image has
remained. The next year she was invited to sing again and by the sixth grade she
had put together her own singing group, and was featured in the school play. Her
final debut before moving on to high school took place at Lincoln Center where
she sang "If I Could" at 8th grade graduation as salutatorian.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 Pounds
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Now Serina knew where she was going. She auditioned at the Professional
Performing Arts School with "I'm Wishing On A Star," and, indeed, from
this vantage point in her life it appears that her wishes at that time have
come true. During her high school years, she has gained significant
experience with the P.P.A.S. choir which traveled the city to share its music
with hospitals and churches and contributed its talents to fund-raising
events held in hotels and Lincoln Center. She performed with the choir on
CNN in a Marvin Hamlisch production of a documentary showing "Singing
in Progress," from first rehearsal to final performance. The choir also
performed at two Children Defense Fund conferences ad city-wide student
Leadership Conference commemorating the 50th Anniversary Celebration
of the United Nations.

Christmas, 1995, Serina was also selected to be part of the choir traveling to
Rome to sing for the Ptope together with other groups and stars such as
Enya, Myriam Makeba, Gloria Gaynor, and John Denver. In addition, she
was the founding member of a group "Shades of Harmony" which has
performed not only in school and on stage, but also on TV for a USA
Network "Erase the Hate" Program for which the group wrote an original
composition "Keep It Together." Who could forget the spontaneous
concert the group gave on the boat coming back from a field trip to Ellis
Island which drew the passengers from all three decks to listen and marvel.
Serina is also a musician outside of school auspices. She has been selected to
participate in several competitions including the Essence and Pepsi Youth Awards
in which she was a finalist. In addition, she took theory and jazz course at the
Henry Street Music Settlement and Brooklyn Conservatory. She performed with a
jazz improv group. She has also engaged in rigorous training in studio work since
the age of 13.

She has worked with producer/songwriter Michael "Silk" Chotoosingn, of Silk
Productions, to his credit, Quincy Jones, New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, and
Subway. Sean "Dee" Devereau, producer for SWV and Veronica, and with the up
and rising producers and songwriters Cool and Dre, with artists Angie Martinez,
Fat Joe and Trina to their credit.

Now as a graduate of the Professional Arts School, being ranked number one as
class valedictorian and a University of Miami graduate receiving a Bachelor of Arts
degree and Broadcasting minor, she will literally take your breath away. She has the
intelligence, determination, perseverance, radiance, and personality. Her greatest
desire is to show people what she can do and her wish upon a star so long ago will
be fulfilled to become one of today's youngest R&B Divas.
* Sung on an Italian TV show, which was shot in Rome and aired on Christmas Day.
* Sung for a USA special on racism, titled "Erase the Hate"
* Acted/Sang theme song for an educational program - "Don't Believe the Hype," which aired on a local cable network in NYC
* Performed for the lighting of Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree
* Performed for Mr. Mohammed Ali's award ceremony
* Performed a rendition of "Rent" with my high school's repertory company, and toured around Manhattan.
* Sung a school breakfast commercial for WBLS - 107.5 FM Radio, New York
* Performed her original material in Chicago at the Harold Washington Center with Latoya London
   (Season 3 American Idol finalist) and Sharissa
* Performed for the Pope for the annual Vatican Christmas tour
* Performed a song and dance number for the opening of Disney's, "Pocahontas on the Green"
* Performed in many banquets and benefits for helping battered children
* Performed for Prime Minister Rabin's ceremony, and performed Marvin Hamlisch's "One Voice"
* Performed at the United Nations on its anniversary
* Performed at the Orange Bowl for University of Miami's Homecoming Game
* Performed in many banquets and benefits for helping battered children
* DC's 2005 NABFEME (Nat'l Assoc. of Black Female Executives in Music in Entertainment) "Women Who Jam" winner
* Serina G then got the chance to record and with Chucky Thompson in DC as part of her winnings
* Graduated from the University of Miami (Bachelor of Arts in Music; Minor in Broadcasting)
* Graduated from the Professional Performing Arts High School
Special Skills:
Voice improvisation, arranging harmony, songwriting, reference singing, background vocals, working the stage, image and
clothing, belting, dancing, choreography, skating, smiling, and wiggling my nose.
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