Music Homepage
Michael LaRocco
Mike's music career began at a
very early age, as some
embarrassing home movies
can attest to.  He had the
opportunity to study
percussion from a classical
perspective and performed as a
teenager with The Long Island
Philharmonic, and other
orchestral groups.  Although
he has performed with
musicians from various genres
of music, for him it's really all
about jazz.

In addition to his joy of
performing, this show is also
produced by Mike.  He has
collaborated here with Laura
Lee and Gassman & Williams
on several well-received
shows.  Recently, he put
together a band comprised of
local dads to raise money for
this theatre's Youth Program,
and the CS Tot's Park.

He was a regular at Cleopatra's
Needle in NYC before moving
to Cold Spring, NY, with his
family.  Mike has numerous
recording credits and a
partnership with NYC's Gary
Z, composing soundtracks and
scoring for various mediums.  
They have credits which
include a score for an NPR
radio play, and currently have
a theme song running on a
NYC cable television program.

* * * * *
For more information, please visit ... Philipstown Depot Theatre
"The Mike LaRocco Quartet"
L-R: Lou Pappas, Mike LaRocco, Tom McCoy, George Raccio
w/ Special Guest Singers: Melissa Hamilton and Lisa Sabin