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"All-Stars of Comedy & Xpozure Models Invade Broadway"
Special Guest Appearances by.Xpozure Models.
Symphony Space  *  June 17, 2007  *  New York City
Fashions provided by Alve' Couture, Gianni Lauren.& Bsixtee6.
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Alecia, Jacqueline, Corrie, Latia, Geakette, Nichelle, Alve', Jasmine, Chandra, Melisa & Margo
Aaron, Phillip, Anthony, Herbie, Nichelle, Misael, George & David
Wm. Michael, Nichelle, Alve', Briian, Gianni, Shannon & Andrea
Geakette, Nichelle & Alecia
Way too many names to mention!  (Ha, ha, ha!)
Jackie, David, Melisa, George, Phil, Geakette, Misael, Jasmine, Anthony & Ty
Geakette, Anthony & Jasmine
Chandra, Andrea, Jackie, Shan, Corrie, Alve', Gianni & Melisa
Andrea & Gianni
Geakette, George & Jasmine
Jacqueline, Misael & George
Jacqueline, David, Geakette & Latia
Shannon, Nichelle, Briian & Andrea
Rasheed, Nichelle, Kyle & Andrea
Carolina & Nichelle
Andrea, Shannon, Gianni Lauren (Gianni Lauren, Fashion Designer), Phillip, Latia, Aaron, Chandra,
Jacqueline, Melisa, Misael, George, Nichelle, Geakette, David, Tyece & Herbie
All Photos furnished by Contempos Photo, courtesy of XM Director of Photography, Lloyd Crawford.
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