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"39th Birthday Party for WMR / XM Fashion Week 2007"
Special Guest Appearances by.Xpozure Models.
Spotlight Live! Times Square  *  September 13, 2007  *  New York City
Fashions by Alve' Couture, SoftLine, Thomas Woodard & Kelvin Gordon El
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All Photos furnished by Contempos Photo, courtesy of XM Director of Photography, Lloyd Crawford.
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Xpozure Entertainment, Inc.   Copyright 2007   All Rights Reserved
Andrea LaTrell
L to R: Co-Host, Andrea LaTrell; Creative/Marketing Director, Nichelle Holloway; & Production Manager, Angel Crawford
Andrea LaTrell, WMR, & Amelia Moore
Wm. Michael Reid makes a wish before blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, presented by Nichelle Holloway.
Rondu Abad, Shannon Lanier, & William Strong
Singer/Songwriter, Kyle Rifkin
Amelia Moore, Shannon Lanier, & Andrea LaTrell
Rondu Abad & William Strong
XM Production Manager, Angel Crawford; & Make-Up Artist, Lenny Hamilton
Rondu Abad & Wm. Michael Reid
Andrea LaTrell; & Make-Up Artist, Lenny Hamilton
Nichelle Holloway & Angel Crawford
Nichelle Holloway & Carolina Crawford
Nichelle Holloway; & Make-Up Artist, Lenny Hamilton
Singer/Songwriter, Kyle Rifkin
Singer/Songwriter, Jaleel Allen