"Any Given Monday" - 2005 Monday Night Football @ Justin's
October 31st, 2005   *   New York City
Here are some pictures from Week #8 (Page 2 of 2) ... Strictly for the "Grown & Sexy"
The Fellas: Brian, Jeff, Kelvin, Edgar, Mike Dempsey,
Wm. Michael & Mike Hill.
Question 4 ya': Which one of these ladies is the official nurse of
"Any Given Monday"?  Figured it out yet?  Good 4 u!
Wm., Michelle Bonner of ESPNews, Woody, and Danyelle.
Wm. & Shenese Brannon of Game Sports Magazine.
Emeka (right) of Souls Cabin, & Toccara.
Dr. Vasquez & his "trusting" nurse.
An officer "and" a pirate!!  Ooh-wee!!
Wm. Michael, Dara Frazier, & Mike Hill.
Jocelyn Biga.(left) and a few of her friends.
Celebrating my parent's 42nd anniversary: Wm. Michael w/
John Reid Sr. (Dad), Anita (Mom), John Jr. (brother) & Francis.
Wm. Michael w/ staff of CBS News' The Early Show. --
Jacqueline, Steve Cohen (Executive Producer) & Brian Bagley.
Dave, Mike Hill & his sister, Maria.
Adim, Mike, the Hot 97 Street Team, Woody & JV.
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