"Any Given Monday" - 2005 Monday Night Football @ Justin's
October 31st, 2005   *   New York City
Here are some pictures from Week #8 (Page 1 of 2) ... Strictly for the "Grown & Sexy"
Wm., Danyelle Sargent & Mike Hill.of ESPNews, & Erica Nelson.
Is there a doctor "in da' house"?: John Vasquez (right) & staff.
Perfect Pair? Now this is what you call"Two of a Kind".
Mike Hill.& Derrick Ward.(NY Giants).
More than just the house is on fire!!!
Hold up!  What a pair of outfits!
Be careful.  U might get arrested!!!
Mike Hill.(right) relaxing by the fire.
Swindia (Our "Door Girl"), & Shaq (AGM Security).
Marcelis (center) lookin' like Bootsy Collins' l'il brother.
Mike Hill.taking time out to pose with two of our lovely guests.
Wm. Michael, AGM photographer Herb Delancey, & Mike Hill.
Be patient. I'll have their names in a few ...
Some of our finest guests "in da' house".
MC Frank Jugga & Mike Hill.
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